Why is it good?


What are the advantages of analytixBASE?

The software complements the existing database operator by making the queries and data transformations in a graphical user interface. In contrast to conventional query software, business users can create themselves the queries without having to write complex code, significantly reducing the use of IT resources.

The great advantage of the software over other data analysis software is that requires no additional server as it uses exclusively the existing database server capabilities, thus supports the better use of available resources.

What business results can be achieved with analytixBASE?

With the analytixBASE toolkit, analysis needed for business problems of utmost importance are effectively supported.

  • Planning
  • Pricing
  • Customer Retention, improving acquisition
  • Increase lifespan of customer
  • Increasing of customer value
  • Risk
  • Fraud detection
  • Up-sell, cross-sell

How much you can save using the analytixBASE?

According to the 2009th year’s survey of the Information Management professional journal, half of the cost of business intelligence applications are human resources costs, 1/5th software-, 8-8% are hardware and educational costs. Using the analytixBASE software significant savings can be achieved in all cost elements. We estimate that the overall savings can reach 20-35% of the total cost.

Who are the users of analytixBASE?

The software supports the work of those who create analysis based on databases: business analysts, marketing analysts, market researchers, controllers, data miners, statisticians, IT specialists, engineers and academic staff.

If you are a decision-maker (and you are) struggling with the following issues

  • Waiting days and weeks for the sales reports
  • Noticing apparently unexplainable declines in sales
  • The warehouse is full of products deemed unmarketable

If you are an analyst (and you are) concerned about the following aspects

  • Every morning your boss asks from you impossible tasks
  • You are not ready in time with the daily, weekly reports
  • The collaboration with the IT is a challenge

Here is the solution to your problem!

  • Everyday use
  • Existing out of the box solution
  • Reducing the need of IT support
  • Users and decision-makers will love it

You want to map your data simply without losing time? Then this is your tool!


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What is analytixBASE

  • It’s the missing link between the database and Excel.
  • analytixBASE brings the age of self-service analytics.
  • You can learn it in just 1 day!

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There are two versions of the software available: