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It's a solution, not just a product! You do not have to buy it, try it first!

If it helps you, it won't be difficult to decide whether you'd like to make your everyday life easier.

Tired of waiting for IT, your subordinates and reports. Nothing can be decided in time, because something always slips due completion of the report. Nervous because the report will delay. The IT continuously makes incomprehensible excuses, why the reporting isn't working or it's slow. The data of the business processes, sales and stock are difficult to reach. The job can be executed only at night and you must wait until morning. Familiar with these problems?

It's time to change!

No need to search further. The analytixBASE is a solution for you that IT colleagues will also like.

Try it!

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The analytixBASE is a solution for you, because:

  • It’s user friendly. Can be learned in one day! The documentation always follows the current version.
  • The transparency of the business is ensured by the complex graphs made in an intuitive way.
  • It's fast.
  • The final reports and graphs can be exported to excel, csv, bmp and other types of files with just one click.
  • If you have an idea, you can draw it and it's generated locally, what usually takes for IT hours or even days to write.
  • We have an outstanding price-quality ratio!
  • We save you time with an easy payment method.

Your IT colleagues will also like analytixBASE, because:

  • It's simple to install.
  • The connection to the existing databases is ready in no time, and you don’t need to develop any intermediate layer.
  • Because it does not have its own database, but it is related to the existing, the system data security is not compromised.
  • The business and sales is capable to edit the reports unassisted.


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What is analytixBASE

  • It’s the missing link between the database and Excel.
  • analytixBASE brings the age of self-service analytics.
  • You can learn it in just 1 day!

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There are two versions of the software available: