How does it work?



  • The software doesn’t use its own server or motor instead it completes all queries and processes on the database itself.
  • Query logic structured in the operators:
    • Every important query function (inner join, group by, order by etc.) displays a different operator
    • Each query can be conducted on the graphic user interface by simple drag-and-drop operations
    • The status of each operation is continuously refreshed, in order to reduce user error possibilities to the minimum
  • Intelligent expression builder
    • Conditions and formulas can be created using the expression builder within the operators. With the aid of this tool complicated expressions can be created in a short amount of time by simply using the cursor.
    • List of functions: all available functions of the database can be chosen in the editor.
    • In the editor the value of each field can be retrieved from the database
  • Exceptionally attractive and clear visualization
  • Interactive diagram editing possibilities

Data access

  • Direct database access (at this moment to ORACLE and MS SQL database)
  • Import MS Excel files
  • CSV and TXT Import and other special text files
  • Sampling
    • First n
    • Simple random
    • Every n-th

Data transformation

  • Filter (Specifying the ‘where’ condition)
  • Sort
  • Aggregate data
  • Batch and individual transform numeric and text variables
  • Union of data tables
  • Concatenate data tables (inner, left and outer join)


  • Distribution chart – for categorical variables
  • Histogram chart – for numeric variables
  • Matrix chart – for the joint distribution of variables with two categories
  • Scatter plots – for two numerical variables
  • Bar chart – for categorical variables
  • Line chart – for time series

Data output, exporting

  • Display the results partially or entirely
  • TXT, XLS export
  • Write to database table


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What is analytixBASE

  • It’s the missing link between the database and Excel.
  • analytixBASE brings the age of self-service analytics.
  • You can learn it in just 1 day!

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There are two versions of the software available: