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Please check the following answers for the Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question please ask us.

Why is analytixBASE good for me?

AnalytixBASE is a self-service analytics software for the business user to quickly and easily create reports and analysis without SQL knowledge. It is suitable for ad-hoc analysis and reports and creating complex data extraction and transformational flows as well. You can easily extend your analysis with new sources.

What kind of business problems can I solve with analytixBASE?

With the help of the software you can easily extend your analysis with market research, competitor or any other additional source. You can easily develop different scenarios for business planning or evaluate the financial effects of pricing decisions by changing tariff elements. It can be used to analyze churn and new acquisitions as well. The software also can be used to build flexible data transformation systems like Customer Value Calculation or detecting customers at risk or selecting potential fraudulent transactions.AnalytixBASE is a very effective tool for selecting target groups for campaigns and analyzing campaign performance.

What is the difference between analytixBASE and other BI tool (like BO, Cognos etc.)?

If you already have the well-designed OLAP cube and you can get all the information what you need then analytixBASE is not for you. But if you don’t have the prebuild OLAP cube or you want to extend your analyzes with additional sources then you can benefit from analytixBASE.

Can I get support, training or consulting for the analytixBASE?

AnalytixBASE is supported by Pont Systems Ltd. And if you need a complete solution for your business problem we can provide you consulting and training services as well. Contact us here.

What is the position of analytixBASE in the BI scene?

There are the classical BI solutions for reporting based on OLAP cubes for monitoring the performance of the company like BO, Cognos etc. There are also the sophisticated and expensive tools for data mining like IBM Modeller or SAS Enterprise Miner. And there is Excel the fundamental business analyst tool. You should use analytixBASE if Excel and other BI reporting tools are too limited and restricted for you and you want to explore the data yourself but you don’t want to learn the complicated SQL language. It is designed for ad-hoc analysis and for creating transparent complex data extraction and transformational flows.

For how long is the software license valid?

The license is valid forever for the major version that was bought (i.e: 1.x.x.x).

Do I get upgrades?

You receive for free all the upgrades for the major version the licence was bought for.

What are the system requirements?

AnalytixBASE is lightweight, it will run on any computer with WindowsXP or newer (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.). The application itself requires a maximum of 15 MB hard disk space and a maximum of 100 MB RAM.

Do I need any other software or privileges to use analytixBASE?

You need a 32 bit ORACLE client to connect to the database and you have to have access to the database (username and password). Other than that analytixBASE does not reaquire any other software.


What is analytixBASE

  • It’s the missing link between the database and Excel.
  • analytixBASE brings the age of self-service analytics.
  • You can learn it in just 1 day!

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There are two versions of the software available: